Bioderma ABCDerm Peri-Oral Irritations Around the Mouth 40ml



Bioderma ABCDerm Péri-Oral is indicated for soothing irritations around the mouth due to teething, pacifier use or other causes. This repairing and protecting cream acts directly on the cause of the irritation, which is alfa-amylase – an enzyme that exists on the saliva and causes the irritations on the skin. The exclusive Amylpriv patent blocks that enzyme, preventing further damage, while the other ingredients calm the skin and repair the skin’s protective barrier. This cream also reduces the infection risk due to zinc and copper sulfate, which gives the cream a slightly blue hue.


Bioderma ABCDerm Péri-Oral has the following characteristics:

  • Repairs and soothes irritated skin while preventing infection
  • Stops the alfa-amylase actions that cause the perioral irritation, preventing further damage
  • Relieves the symptoms of discomfort and repairs the protective barrier
  • The ABCDerm range was specifically formulated to be extra gentle and extra safe and is designed according to the Dermatological Safety Commitment, which is based on four fundamental principles: Safety, Efficacy, Tolerance and Traceability.
  • All ingredients are subjected to origin verification, monitoring and control at each step of the production
  • Fragrance free
  • Toxicologically tested (ingesting a small amount won’t cause any harm)

How to use

Apply Bioderma ABCDerm Péri-Oral 2-3 times daily on the irritated area around the mouth, properly clean and completely dry.